The Unseen Impact of the Work: A Unique programme for doctors lawyers, journalists, teachers, human rights, health and social care professionals 

Taking stock of the unseen impact of the work 

I design and deliver group and individual psychological interventions to enable senior professionals to transform their relationship to traumatic cases providing relief, understanding of the cumulative emotional impact of their work, and clarity about how to manage the relationship to work and life roles to better protect wellbeing and effectiveness. 

Organisational Culture Change 

Finding common ground when values and mission are under threat 

I craft organisational interventions which humanise and soften culture and create connection using a blend of leadership consultancy, design of bespoke training and group work, and the facilitation of storytelling spaces within which courage and commitment can be witnessed and celebrated. Staff feel re-energised, reconnected to each other and to the values that had brought them to their work. 

Covid and other Crises: Recovery Programme Development 

Detoxing from the impact of providing containment at a time of terror 

I have developed a range of unique interventions to process the ongoing impact of working through the Covid catastrophe. These provide profound relief by validating the experience of unbearable strain. Participants leave knowing they weren’t alone or going “mad,” that fatigue and anxiety are a normal consequence of crisis, and that releasing some of the emotions that had to be suppressed to survive, is possible and beneficial. 

System Failure and Major Incident Recovery 

Seeing the wood for the trees 

I carry out systemic needs assessments to ensure that restorative and reparative interventions are underpinned by a joined-up diagnosis of the organisational vulnerabilities that may have created risk. Subsequent recommendations are delivered through leadership consultation which provides containment and clarity and deepens the capacity of leaders to manage complexity. 

Role Consultation and Supervision 

The opportunity to press pause 

I have a growing portfolio of clients who are senior professionals working in a range of sectors who have monthly sessions with me within which they detox and process their work experiences, recalibrate and realign their relationship to complex work challenges, and have an opportunity to think creatively about their work. These sessions 
re-energise them , provide clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. 

Executive Coaching for Leaders and Leadership Teams 

Moving from reactivity to responsiveness 

I provide interventions which enable executive teams to take the risk of reflecting together about how high strain contexts impact on their ability to think (rather than do) and to relate to each other effectively. This releases more energising, authentic and productive ways of working together, reducing isolation, and increasing mutual understanding. 

Team Resilience and Team Development 

Mitigating the unavoidable harm in high pressure work 

I develop and facilitate restorative spaces within which high performing teams come together at regular intervals to deepen their understanding of how work content and context impact on their group dynamics, leading to greater role clarity, team cohesion and effectiveness. 

Managing Trauma, Turbulence and Change 

Resisting destruction, promoting connection and community 

I have worked with a range of organisations going through change including mergers, huge redundancy programmes, and service closures. This work involves creating holding points for leaders and staff groups to enable them to maintain their equilibrium, reduce group conflict and promote wellbeing and effectiveness. 
Interventions can be commissioned as a one time day offering or a programme of work lasting several months. 
Please contact me to discuss your specifications and our costings. 
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